Fighting Corruption in Ghana
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Salus Agenda is a non-governmental and non-profit organization established in Ghana in the year 2017. The mission of Salus Agenda is to fight corruption through campaign, to promote education and to protect the rights of the weak and vulnerable as well as to promote agriculture and agro-based industries in Ghana.

We aspire and are determined to be zero-tolerant to bribery and corruption. We resolve to sensitize Ghanaians through our exemplary lifestyle. We deem ourselves agents of justice and peace. We are zealous to battle corruption in any form and in any situation.

As an anti-corruption organization we oblige ourselves to practise to the very letter what we desire in others. We undertake activities with genuine intention and without any ulterior motive or self-interest. We render service as mere tools to bring justice and peace to those who suffer the evil results of corruption. We make efforts selflessly to fight corruption in any form for no monetary interest. We seek and ensure transparency and accountability in all our dealings.

We organize anti-corruption rallies in communities during which we seek assistance in any form from individuals and corporate bodies in Ghana.
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Our vision is of vibrant, articulate, inclusive and sustainable civil society contributing to fighting corruption.
The mission of Salus Agenda is to primarily fight corruption through campaign and to promote education and see the less fortunate in society empowered and to contribute to the economic growth of Ghana through agriculture.
Profile of Father Ayivor
Salus Agenda Facebook Page
Salus Agenda Facebook Page
Profile of Father Ayivor